Furuza or P-Stanz for strength?

  1. Furuza or P-Stanz for strength?

    Looking for a mild 6-8 week run of either.

    Furuza at 250mg


    P-Stanz at 150mg

    Which would produce the most strength gain?

    Thanks everyone

  2. Stack them.

  3. Furuza + Stano-drol

  4. if you had to pick one, it'd be fura, as it's stronger than pro stanozol.

  5. Ok Thanks guys!

    How does Furuz compare to IronMagLabs 1-Andro RX dosed at 600mg for 4 weeks or AMS's 1-Andro RD dosed at 2 tabs for 8 weeks? Just concerned for strength and explosive power?

    Thanks guys

  6. Um...if you are looking for strength you are looking at the wrong compounds. I love fura as it is my fav cutting compound, but it is not going to help you much in the strength department. You might improve your strength slightly, but where Fura shines is that it will help keep you from losing strength while cutting.



    Primordial Performance

  7. stack the p stanz and Furuza if you really want to cut up. Something like tren would be good to add in for strength gains. Epi/havoc would work too but not like the tren would.

  8. stacking pstanz and fura is a stupid idea. just pick one.

    1-dhea is a two step ph, fura thp ether, or stanozol thp ether are already active steroids, needing no conversion.

    1-dhea would probably require a higher dosage than fura, but the strength gains would most likely be more.

  9. What hormone are Furuz & P-Stanz close too? DHT?


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