S-DROL Help! Formula Change

  1. S-DROL Help! Formula Change

    I just received a bottle of Nutra/Coastal S-DROL. Black bottle, 10mg Tablets. I have taken this stuff before and the bottle and tablets are identical to the previous batch I received; However, under nutrition facts the chemical formula reads ( 2a, 17a methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol ) I am almost positive the original bottle I used about a year ago read
    ( 2a, 17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol )

    di methyl, but this one only reads methyl. Can anyone give any usefull information about this chemical formula? Is di methyl different than methyl. I was suppose to start cycle today, and was looking at nutrition facts when I noticed this. Thanks in advance.

  2. the bottom one "di methyl" is the correctly written nomenclature d/t the compound having two methyl groups, hence the "di"

    if you did not know this basic information, I suggest you hold off on using hepatotoxic oral methylated steroids, and take the time to learn about the dangerous substances you are putting into your body.

    your welcome, in advance.

    /end thread.

  3. Actually I am 31, and educated on how to run superdrol.I did pre-cycle training for 2 weeks with plenty of antioxidants and milk thistle. My cycle will be 10/20/20/20. I am 5' 9" 200 lb and 15 percent body fat. I have ran superdrol before. I also had a recent blood test, prior to pre-cycle training, and my lipid levels were excellent. I plan on a mid-cycle blood test as well. Maybe I did not word my question right? I understand that the correct formula is 17a-di methyl, and am trying to figure out why my bottle says 17a-methyl. I have looked up multiple sources and can't find any info on this. The product S-Drol from nutracoastal llc has good reveiws and a legit history. The chemical formula however is my question. My lot number is 810481 exp 01/12. I also read this batch has other stuff in it.

  4. that was a lot of typing. in that time you should of thought about the word "mislabeled"

    if you bottle just says "17a methyl dht" then you just have methyl dht.

    if your bottle says '2a,17a di-methyl dht" then you have di methyl dht, methyldrostanolone (aka superdrol)

    if your bottle says '2a,17a methyl dht' it is mis labeled. it is either/or, can have both 2 methyl groups & be just one methyl, ie, common sense tells you it is a labeling error.

    looks like common sense isn't so common.

    I still stand, you dont know enough about steroids to be using them.

  5. Thank you so much man, I really appreciate you breaking that down for me. It is not anywhere else on the web. I really appreciate your response, even if you think I am not ready for a superdrol cycle. :-)



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