Best to do clen before or after PCT for inj. cycle?

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    Best to do clen before or after PCT for inj. cycle?

    Well I've decided to do some oral dosing of clen, except I don't know when I wanna.....Right now I'm almost 3/4 of the way thru a deca/test e cycle, and want to keep *clean* bulking (as I type this I'm eating ice cream w/ a big ole scoop of PB, LOL), but don't wanna end up losing a lot o' mass after/during PCT, so PCT will still be heavy on the macro's.....

    So anyway, just looking for clen and a cut after PCT, or do a "recomp" now while still on deca and test e? I really wanna gain as much as possible is my dilemma, but don't wanna lose a bunch either, after....

    Anyway, thanks for any thoughts!!

    And I tried "clenviscerate" last year w/o much luck, I don't think....prolly BF% was a bit too high....IDK
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    Ive seen people run clen in PCT. Its suppose to help maintain muscle while loosing the BF. But this is a good question i would like to see when most people would reccomend using it myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reecew View Post
    Ive seen people run clen in PCT. Its suppose to help maintain muscle while loosing the BF.
    I did this exact thing during my last PCT, and it went great. If you have actually been clean bulking during the cycle fat shouldn't be an issue though, but rather water weight, since you are running test and deca which usually yields a fair amount of water weight. This most likely being the case, I would wait to see what you look like once the water weight comes off, which could take as long as the entire PCT depending on the amount of water put on. I have also lost water weight coming off of other compounds in literally like 3-4 days.

    At the end of the day I dont think it matters whether you run the clen now or later. It shouldn't break down muscle because it is actually a very mild anabolic. This property is pretty unique to clen, unlike say T3 which requires something very anabolic to be ran along side it to preserve muscle. With all that being said, If my diet was slacking on cycle and I know I had put on some fat, I would use the clen now, wait until after PCT to see where you are without the water, and then hit it again if necessary.

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