initial thoughts on OSTARINE during PCT

  1. initial thoughts on OSTARINE during PCT

    ....I should also include that I have decided to stop competing in bodybuilding and am shooting to go back to more magazine work and staying lean yr round... this was a welcome to me at the end of last cycle sitting around 275-280 and literally gagging to get food down...

    With the change in mindset and goals towards end (last 2 wks of cycle) I dropped calories, added in more fats while dropping carbs substantially and eating when hungry, not having to get in 8 large meals a day. My weight at the end of cycle was hovering around high 250s but a LOT leaner, feeling a lot better adding cardio in at 30 or so post workout as well...

    My PCT was as follows thus far...

    1st 7 days, 1000 iu HCG
    1st 28 days, 50 mg clomid
    days 21-35, either trandermal formastane or 25 mg aromasin EOD

    as far as supps.... 6 Activate Extreme per day, 6 PRIME per day on workout days only, 3 lean extreme, and around 20 mgs of OSTARINE...

    started ostarine at the beginning of wk 2 in pct and am about 10 days in, appetite is up, strength has not dropped, definitely a major recomp supplement/drug... My weight is around 253 in morning and high 250s before bed...vascular, sex drive still good (not like "ON" but good), waistline continuing to shrink down... really see some promising things from this thus far, and this is coming from a former national level superheavyweight who is skeptical at best

  2. Front loading hCG for a few days into PCT... I like the way you think

    I very much look forward to using OSTA for PCT. I'm always on the hunt for anything that will help sustain gains made on cycle.

  3. Osta has helped tremendously in pct for me. I've stayed the same weight while leaning out some, and strength is steadily going up on most exercises. Not to mention good pumps & hardness as well. Love the stuff

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