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    need advice

    Advice on what else should I use during phreak cycle
    Already have cycle assist by Comp Edge. Anything for gyno?

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    Advice on what else should I use during phreak cycle
    Already have cycle assist by Comp Edge. Anything for gyno?
    Alongside creatine, multivitamin, antioxidant, good fats, and protein, the following are recommended during hormonal cycles:

    600-1000 mg/day (spread over 2 doses)
    Dose 1 - 300-500 mg first thing in the morning
    Dose 2 - 300-500 mg 8-10 hours post-Dose 1

    Hawthorne Berry (blood pressure/cholesterol)
    3g/day (with meals, spread over 3 doses)
    Dose 1 - 1g with breakfast
    Dose 2- 1g with lunch
    Dose 3 - 1g with dinner

    Garlic (blood pressure/cholesterol)
    600-700 mg/day (with meals, spread over 2 doses)
    Dose 1 - 300-350mg with breakfast
    Dose 2 - 300-350mg with lunch

    Taurine (back pumps/hydration/headaches)
    Dose 1 - 5g first thing in the morning
    Dose 2 - 5g 40-min pre-training

    Potassium (cramps/back pumps/hydration/headaches)

    You need to make sure you have a good PCT as well - and have it ready BEFORE you start your cycle.

    PCT should promote lutelizing hormone elevation through several different method of actions, keep estrogen levels very low through both inhibiting aromatization and antagonizing, increasing free testosterone levels, antagonizing glucocorticoids and cytokines, and increasing spermatogenesis and endogenous testosterone production. The key during PCT is to keep carnitine levels stable, keep estrogen at bay, lower cortisol, and to stimulate lutelizing hormone release, which will all work together to bring up testosterone levels.

    Although dependent on the hormonal compound/s used, the bulk of PCT should include each of the following products alongside your basic staples:

    * Testosterone Boosters (one product that increase Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone or a stack covering both areas)
    * Lutelizing Hormone Releaser
    * Cortisol Controller
    * Estrogen Antagonists/Aromatase Inhibitor (SERMS are not always a necessity for PCT, and in fact, should only be carefully considered, depending on the compound/s used).

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