About to start Beastdrol

  1. About to start Beastdrol

    Hi everyone

    I am considering starting Beastdrol.

    Wieght: 185lbs, start weight,110lbs 5'9
    Cycle: 3 (test E HRT, tried tren, dbol, deca, T3, albuterol)
    age: 29

    I am in a new country right now and have not found sources yet. BUT, i can still homebrew for synovex and fina. Now, I am 'considering' beastdrol but I am EXTREMELy weary due to reports of people's liver values going very high and some people having unbearable lethargies. Liver enzyme values high and liver damage...fine...but liver cancer is NOT something I am willing to put up with.

    Having said that I have done traditional AAS, I know that these superdrol clones are more powerful than even dianabol.

    The question is, since I have access to tren and test pro with my test e HRT, should I even bother with the beastdrol or am I being completely idiotc for even considering it?


  2. Honestly, I loved beastdrol. I think its the best SD clone I've ran and you can trust all of their other products (epistrong, dieselbolan etc).

    I also used Primordial Performance's LiverJuice along side the cycle and some added milk thistle caps and my liver values were fine after blood work.

    I highly recommend high dosages of milk thistle on cycle/post cycle, and PP's LiverJuice is as good as it gets imo.

  3. No you are not being idiotic considering it.

    Beastdrol is arguably way better than test, maybe not as good as tren but it is damn good. I put on up to 20 lbs in a short bridge into Epistane with the huge majority of the weight gained on the Beast.

    Lethargy will not be a problem if you eat a solid amount of carbs and/or run Dermacrine on cycle. Dermacrine has been used by many to mitigate lethargy of SD. It's now sold at Nutraplanet.

    Also if you keep on taking your HRT test dose you probably will not get bad lethargy at all. If anything you can add in some test prop if you'd like during the Beast or bridge into test prop and normal HRT dose test after the Beast to sustain gains. Or you can always up the testE to 500mg/week if you have extra of it.

    As long as you don't dose like an idiot, and run a good support supplement, really you shouldn't be worried about your liver enzymes rising a bit. That's fine and it will come back down after cutting off the Beast.

    With your experience, I wouldn't be scared to run the Beast.

  4. beastdrol will kill your brain cells.

  5. It has its risks on liver, BP, lipids, and other factors, but those issues can be helped with the proper supports. And when you come off cycle those values will return to noraml over time.

    just like any steroid, it is risk vs. benefit. It is a great compound, if you can handle and control side effects
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  6. just dose it cautiously if you are worried about the sides. For some people it is too much at 20-30mg, but other people will find that the sides of superdrol are generally overhyped, and the gains are so damn good that any sides are worth it.

    funny story about me, i held off on running sd a long long time because i was afraid of it, but it turns out that i get almost no sides from it and it's my favorite steroid by a huge margin.

    don't worry about liver cancer that's not going to happen
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