Noob here! Please help :)

  1. Noob here! Please help :)

    Hey everybody! Just joined the forum today.

    I've been thinking about taking anabolic steroids for a while now. I have read some about it and have talked to a couple people who have used it but I want to learn as much as I need to know from people who have actually had extensive experience before I plunge in.

    What are the essential things I need to know? What are the best ones for a first-timer? Of course I want the one with the least side effects and easiest to administer (i.e. less frequent injections, etc.).

    BTW, I did go to med school and so know a lot about the basic science of it. But I still need all the help I can get before I start on a regimen. I was thinking of doing it just for 2 cycles for like a 5 to 6 month period, just to get me to the point I want to reach and then just maintain it naturally from then on. Maybe do a cycle a year or so after? I understand that a cycle lasts 8 weeks, is that right? I don't really wanna get too big but I really wanna be ripped...maybe just like Christian Bale in American Psycho.

    I'm more of an ectomorph and have been skinny all my life. I'm 33y/o, 5'6 and have been able to bulk up more than 10 lbs of mass to my present weight of 147-148lbs since I started getting more serious with gym over a year ago. I measure between 10 to 12% body fat when I use the machine at the gym and have a semi-6-pack when I flex my abs but I proabably have about 2 to 3inches I need to take out of my waistline (it's currently at 32 inches) to get to where I really wanna be. I ultimately wanna be around 155 lbs and get down to about 5-6% body fat. Are those good targets?

    I would appreciate all comments and suggestions. Thanks a lot, guys!!!
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  2. So you are a doctor now huh? Well doctor there is a lot to be told here, you need to gain some muscle before you cut because you are skinny bro, real skinny. Steriods will just be bandaids on you issues, which without asking you any questions would be your diet and your diet and exercise program.

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