Equipoise question

  1. Equipoise question

    Does anyone know if Equipoise is effected by a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor? Somebody on another board said that if your taking Proscar with EQ then it's just 1-test. This does not sound right. Am I wrong? And that it would cause a person with MPB to have a faster fall out. Right or Wrong?


  2. by Big cat

    1-testosterone is in fact a 5-alpha-reduced version of the hormone boldenone, a testosterone analog with an added 1,2-double bond that is characterized as being much milder than testosterone, both estrogenically and androgenically. Which would make 1-testosterone a non-aromatizing hormone, that is androgenically milder than DHT (less aggressive on hair loss and acne), but due to its altered structure is also much more active than DHT, which is readily deactivated. So Dihydro-boldenone would have been, at least from a structural viewpoint, a much better description

  3. Thanks

  4. proscar would prevent the conversion of eq to 1test,

    thats why I won't use eq...



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