1,4 andro?

  1. 1,4 andro?

    Anyone have any relative info to making an non-methylated 1,4 injectable. Just wondering about info on this possibility, mainly solubility and availability via injection vs. oral or transdermal. thanks alot

  2. its supposed to be like 60% bioavailable orally or more (cant remember exact number)

  3. Yeah, and with that kind of oral bioavailability, I'd probably not want to deal with the hassle of pinning it.


  4. I'd go with a USP grade PEG-400 matrix.

    Add powder to PEG-400, add BA @ 2.5-5%, bring to volume, and heat shock.



  5. chemo,what concentration do you think w/out mucc pain. a littles not too bad

  6. Concetration of BA or of 1,4?

    If you sterile technique is good go with 2.5% BA...otherwise stick with 5%.

    I'd stay around 25-50 mg/mL with 1,4 as most will pin ED or twice daily. Also, it will be best for the pain factor as 25 is virtually pain free (notice I said "virtually").


  7. my apolagies chemo i should have said the potency as in ml/ml.,but the imfo tthat you have posted is all i need, except if a person was to do this ,since it has no ester and we use peg 400, can we expect to feel anything soon after or weeks after multiple injects, at say 50mg/ml shots 2x ed, and just bear the pain

  8. I have only tried one compound (4-AD) at 50 mg/mL and it was much better than test base @ 50 mg/mL suspension. However, within about an hour there is no difference with respect to pain between the two. I suspect it takes about an hour or so to partition the PEG-400 (rather than minutes with the water).

    So, if you are going to have the same pain why not just get some boldenone base? If you can't get it and have only one choice know it will hurt the same...


  9. no source,sorry didnt read the rest of the post, anyway im sure it will bbut oh well.
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