transdermal fina with ph gel

  1. transdermal fina with ph gel

    Alright, I was planning on using the tgel from here but apparently it is currently not available. So now i have so avant labs ph gel on the way. I am goin to add 8 grams of fina to this gel. Now for a few questions, do i need to do anything to the pellets or just grind them up and add to the gel? also, would adding some dmso to the avant gel be helpful for the fina uptake into my body. I will be injecting 50mg eod and using the transdermal on non-injection days.
    i am injecting 250mg of test weekly just to keep some sex drive. i friend recommended doing this.

  2. Personally, I would just go EOD injections on the fina instead of using it in a transdermal as it is much more cost effective. As for a transdermal, the ester hinders uptake, as the androgen would get trapped in the stratum corneum waiting for the ester to be cleaved.  Since tren is a short acting ester, it might not make much of an impact through transdermal delivery however some might think this is debatable.  I believe NaOH is used to remove the ester and there are instructions posted around.  There is tons of feedback on all the boards from people who have just ground up the pellets, tossed them in, and shook it up. 


  3. Have to agree with WYD.. the injections are most cost effective also you might want to increase the test to get some benefit besides the increase in sex drive

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