Beginner Help with Cypionate

  1. Beginner Help with Cypionate

    Stats-30 yrs old. 295lbs. 22%BF. 6'3" tall.
    Just got a prescription for cypionate. My Dr. has no clue and told me take 50mg ONCE A MONTH. Thats right I said 50MG ONCE A MONTH. Anyways i know Cyp should be injected once every 7-10 days.
    Can any of you experienced users suggest a REAL dose. Looking gain some muscle and take advantage of the fat burning that elevated Test provides. Not lookinh to get huge like Jay Cutler. Thanks for your help.

    Oh and one more thing....will one cycle with Cypionate that lasts about 12 weeks shut my nuts down for good?? Still want kids some day.


  2. if you want a real cycle you should inject twice a week of 500 mg. split into 250mg every injection. is does take about 6 weeks till the test kicks in since it is a long ester, so depending how fast you want to gain I suggest a PH or an oral such as dbol as a kick start. if you don't want your nuts to shrink then get some hcg. A serm is a must for PCT. If your doctor gave your test then he can give you nolva or clomid. This is a good beginner cycle..22%BF is pretty damn high, so your diet needs to be in check....
    you should post your diet plan so people on here can critique. it be really helpful for you.
    best of luck.
    you won't get like jay cutler in this cycle ;-)

  3. Thanks for the response. My diet varies but right now im getting in about 3000-3300 cals/day at a 50/30/20 (P/C/F) ratio. my foods vary but i stick mostly with chicken and top sirloin, brown rice, mixed veggies, bananas, oats, natty pb, gaspari intrapro whey and egg white international liquid egg whites. I do cheat tho which i am trying to control but will power is low in this one. How should I dose HCG?

  4. 50mg a mo. wow people in the medical profession (in gen.) are clueless about mens health issues IMO you may want to see a specialist. Most hCG is liq. and dosing instruction on btl. Watch your Blood pressure (hathorn berry) some ppl get lathergic so carefull how you deal with that if BP is an issue. Have fun. As far as diet WATCH YOUR COLEESTEROL your Dr. should have told you this, Omaga3, a good muli and lots of clean eating.

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