Looking for recommendations for first cycle

  1. Question Looking for recommendations for first cycle

    I'm 32, 5'9, 160lbs, been working out for a few years. Used to be 110lbs in early 20s, very disadvantaged genetically, worked hard to get to 160lbs with same waist size. My target is 180.

    Never touched any gear before, doing research and looking for recommendations to keep things safe and do it right.

    Recommendations welcome.


  2. IMHO. Test. maby look @ sustanon. less pinning becouse it will become a pain in the ass in several ways. Sure some will say its a rollercoster as the "lighter" ones are used up and the heavyer molicules are released but you'll probably be so geeked-up it wont play a problem. always remember PCT is the most important part of your cycle, where gains are ither keep or lost. OTC is not enuff. I am no expert just humbly offering my 2cents. I have used sus250 fyi. Good luck train like a monster but think like a genius.

  3. I would consider a mild ph like Hdrol for your first run. I had really good results along with many others here. Use the search function to see what a good run looks like.

  4. dbol and test...
    you will grow like a weed!

  5. Dbol and Test 1st cycle very manly and huge growth where ppl will ask unintelligent Q's so be ready for that but its a great mix. I just started Adrol and test AND I SO F'N JACK F'n over monster w.o.

  6. just do your research and come back with a plan.
    good luck bud

  7. Do not not not do Dbol and test for your first run as mentioned above. You need to run something solo your first go around so you can judge how your body will react under new conditions and changes.

    So run test-e or c solo for 12 weeks at 250-350ml a week with a SERM and natty test booster for PCT.

    Remember to get your bulk diet down to a T. When running any cycle diet is still number one then training and sleep

    If you are not wanting to pin your first go around I would suggest running H-Drol or Epistane (Havoc) as they are very mild PH's.

    Whatever you do you need to do something mild as to get your body prepared for the lifestyle that lay in your future

    Edit: Oh yeah research read ask, read, read, research, ask and when you think you have done enough research research some more

  8. Also Protomax for a mild PH..Think I seen a sale on it too.

  9. just run somethin mild for your first like pmag that should get you up like 12-15 pounds if done right

  10. you should run your cycle something like this


    4 a day

    for 52 weeks...

    with plenty of milk and vitamins

    then you should keep eating burgers and other dead animals

    then you should run test e or c @ 500mg a week for 10 weeks

    with hcg ...

    and nolva clomid / daa ai pct

    if you put the cycle off for a year and eat as much meat as you can, youll be 180 i gaurantee it

  11. Good ol' burgerdrol.

    Promagnon is a fav of mine for sure. Oh, the early years...lol

  12. Hey, thanks everyone for your suggestions. I did some more research and honestly, for my intents and purposes, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, so I've decided against using.

    I put on 50 lbs over the years, what's another 10-15? I'm gonna stick it out au naturale, I'm sure I can get there.

    Note: I started using Triazole + AX, and I feel pure rage at the gym. All lifts are up. That's good enough for me.

    Thanks to everyone!


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