PH's in Canada

  1. PH's in Canada

    I just ordered 1AD to be shipped from the US into Canada. However, I was reading somewhere that they are BANNED in this friggin country. Is this true? If it is, am I screwed?


  2. canada, as a good leftist country bans all sorts of stuff that is OTC in the US.

    and yes, PH's are part of their bigbrotherconfiscation(tm) list

    however, you pretty much have carte blanche to shoot heroin if you go to the combat zone of vancouver, where it has essentially been legalized (not enforced)

    so, you can shoot heroin, but you can't take yohimbine

    oh canada

  3. if customs seize the package, then you lose out...

  4. i have, and know many people who have gotten stuff through customs.
    depends on how lazy they are i guess.

    Just got an order for like 3 bottles of MD the other week

  5. oh yeah...ive gotten 5 orders through...this last time, i ordered a large amount and it got popped!

    too bad for me.

  6. Its like they bait you to make that large buy, then they snag it.

    I bet canada customs guys are huge from all the PH they take


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