sd/trenx, dermacrine, formestane cycle!!! need critique

  1. sd/trenx, dermacrine, formestane cycle!!! need critique

    so im about to run this cycle:

    sd/trenx(15mg/30mg) its a mixed cap so no i cant seperate.
    PP dermacrine
    PP formestane

    support supps:
    PP liver juice


    its gonna be a 4 weeker. im not looking to all out bulk but if i get 10-15lbs ill be satisfied, its more about what that extra 10 will look like. im a little worried about the sd being 15mgs since rec. dose is 2 caps a day. is there anything anyone would like to add please chime in!

  2. Maybe some cranberry pills and cranberry juice , to help liver along. Tuarine if you get pumps. Is this your first cycle? If so it's vey harsh, and those doses are horrible. 15mg is kinda low for sd but enough to grow, 30 mg of sd is a ton and usually never needed more most people to grow. However if you don't get to many sides you will be fine. The tren is kinda a waste since it's usually ran at 90-120mg Ed. So 60mg may not make a ton of differance except for minor increases. If I were you I'd try in locate a bottle of tren and add it at 1 pill a day to bring the dose to a nice 90mg. Which needless to say would be a very harsh cycle.

  3. Or since 15mg of sd is enough to grow you could find a bottle of tren and run it at 90mg Ed than dose 1 of you stack in the morning to make 15/120 split for 5 weeks which would be increadible no doubt yet milder on body.

  4. is there any reason why your not running a cycle assist type product?? Hawthorn berry, NAC, etc ???

    IDK how much forme you will need? the tren will keep the gains much dryer. What about your joints??

  5. im mainly concerned about a flare up. which is why i threw the form in there. the last time i ran a similar cycle, i overloaded supps for the tren sides, and still magaged to get the nips goin bad. ive looked for another bottle of the trenx but 90 bucks isnt possible right now. i bought this stuff before the ban and am itchin to run something since its been a while. i would throw in PCS to cover the cycle. as for joints i use a greens that has joint supps in it.

  6. i meant Cycle support, PCS for the pct with the clomid/nolva mix

  7. I would dose that 3 caps a day for 4 weeks to kick a test cycle...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SolidusSnake View Post
    I would dose that 3 caps a day for 4 weeks to kick a test cycle...
    that's 45mg of sd/90of tren. That sounds like a horrible idea unless your jasen.

  9. yeah, ima bit warry of the sd being high. i know these doses are screwed, but pretty much every cycle i ran that produced anything worthwhile was ran on the high side of dosing. damn some trenx would make that 15/90or120 would be sweet.

  10. so the schedual is looking this way

    PP formestane(40mg ed throughout)
    PP dermacrine(5ml ed throughout)

    liver juice
    cycle support


    vitamines and efa's are already a staple so i dont think they need to be mentioned. maybe some sort of natty test at the very end of pct. and im probly only gonna be consuming around 300 over maintainence, with the occasional in and out 3x3 protien style. and fries.


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