Making Liuqid Clen for TD use

  1. Making Liuqid Clen for TD use

    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum, so, first o all, i wud say a big hello to everyone here... )
    So, this is my question : i would try to do my own liquid clen bottle, i live in Italy, so, for me, in European online market, is impossible to find some legit liquid clen (mb i got no sources?!?) and overseas products can't be reached coz of customs, so, my last opportunity shud be to buy (i've access to them) some clen tablets (20mcgs) and diluite'em in hot water...
    Do you think it's a good idea to make it?? Just wanna say that i'll go for clenviscerate so i'll use it transdermally and nt orally, so don't think they'll be batteric problems or something like that.
    The only thing that i care is if this plan to make liquid clen is good or you got some suggestions to do it in the best way???
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards.

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