Take a look at my labs pls

  1. Take a look at my labs pls

    I have more but I'm onthe iPhone and don't want to type it all out. I am 2 months post cycle of 8 weeks of derma and 1g bold daily. I had the cortisol drawn because I have disproportionately more fat in my upper body. I am having some sides I thought was a whacked t:e ratio, but now I have no idea.

    Pct was trs and Tcf-1

    Test(serum) 507 246-804

    Estradiol 32.6 7.6-42.6

    Lh 3.8 1.7-8.6

    Fsh 2.5 1.5-12.4

    Am cortisol 15.4 6.4-19.4

    Any comments?



  2. not much to say, everything is in range. LH/FSH on the lower end of normal and cortisol on the higher end of normal but that is all to be expected post cycle. Should stabilize out more in the next month.
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  3. Thanks Unreal.

    I am 2 months post pct. Basically, when I was on the derma/bold I felt a LOT better than I do now. I was losing hella chest fat even on a bulk, had more energy, i was more patient, more outgoing....

    This effect was so profound I was wondering if I had some sort of imbalance that was corrected by the derma/bold, especially now that it reverted now that im off.


    PS- you are a beast.

  4. well, when you say more fat upper body, are you talking chest still? cause cortisol would cause more "spare tire" accumulation.

    The numbers are reasonably normal, people with worse levels manage to feel decent. Part of the question is "what were pre-cycle blood results like" but i'm somehow guessing you don't have baselines.

  5. Thx Easy-

    No I dont have pre cycle blood work... (i know i know) I guess how I felt pre cycle was just normal for me, but when I was on I couldnt believe how much better I felt.

    Yes, its basically chest fat, nothing too crazy but basically puffy nips. I can get REALLY lean and still have some chest fat. I got down to 7% bf 1.5 years ago and still had some chest fat.

    What would you say causes chest fat accumulation? I thought poliquin said it was cortisol, but that is second hand knowledge.

  6. its likely a combination of that and the higher estrogen levels, yours isn't exceptionally high, but its toward the higher end. Most people would still have "normal" fat accumulation at those levels though. One thing to keep in mind was that if you got down to 7% and still had chest fat, i'd have to guess you were a lot fatter at one point before that? Being bast around 20-25% bf can start to cause odd distribution patterns in fat, particularly with estrogen levels being higher in higher bodyfat individuals due to excess aramoataze enzyme. You may very well need to go with a full on contest prep cut to get rid of it once and then slowly allow accumulation back.

  7. Ironically, i used to be VERY skinny. I was 130lbs when I hit 6ft at 14, and at age 18 i was 150lbs. I dont gain weight very well either, 3200 cal is maintenance for me. I remember, even at that weight, having puffy nips. I used to think i had pubertal gyno, but the doc says no way.

    I did a cut 1.5 years ago that consisted on 3.5 months keto, clen, and eca. I lost like 20 lbs, i went from 210 to 190 which is when i hit the dunk tank and came up at just below 7%. I stayed on less than 100g CHO for 2 months AFTER i came off keto and had no real rebound weight gain. But, as soon as I went to a clean bulk, the chest got hit hard. When I was on the derma/bold, it left. When I got off, it returned.

  8. Hmm maybe you are just overly sensitive to estrogen? and testosterone levels were still lower on cycle than normal, so estrogen was also lower. That would seem to me to be most likely.

  9. thanks easy, very interesting indeed. If that is the case it seems that running an AI may help me out quite a bit

  10. Yeah, it would be worthwhile to give erase a shot for that, as it seems to reduce cortisol at the same time too.

  11. ill check it out easy.

    Thanks again

  12. hey easy

    Does erase affect HPTA at all?


  13. Try erase

  14. Lol, i ordered 3!

    I may log it here if time allows for me

  15. It doesn't seem to, some guys are running 1-2 caps a day since it came out.


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