Bridging letro gyno reversal into cycle?

  1. Bridging letro gyno reversal into cycle?

    Hi all, I'm about to start a gyno reversal protocol with letro ( mostly from puberty stage, maybe some from previous ph cycle. )
    I will be tapering up from .25mg to 2.5, and tapering down and maintaining a .50 if/when satisfied with results ( I don't plan on going past 2 weeks, if it doesn't go away, I'll most likely result to saving uP for surgery or dealing with it.)

    My question is, I have a test e (500mg/week) and dbol cyle planned, have everything stocked including arimidex for gyno prevention all the way through cycle, and tori / exestamene for PCT.
    Could I begin my cycle right after my last dose of letro? As in on the day of my first injection I'll switch to arimidex and proceed with scheduled cycle?

    It might sound amateur, but I have my cycle length / timing almost on the dot, as I have a trip planned about 4 weeks after my PCT is over. I didn't want to do a letro protocol + PCT then waiting 2-4 weeks to start cycle. As that would mean possible overlap in travel while on PCT or directly after ( would like a solid month to maintain gains, although I will be working out everyday during trip. )

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. Just to clarify. The letro gyno procedure is tapering up to 2.5 and then running at 2.5 until gyno is gone, then run another couple of days at 2.5 to be sure, then taper back down. This can take more than two weeks. You've got almost two weeks just to taper up and down. This is some harsh sh** and it really takes a toll on the body. I've done it. I would postpone the cycle if you absolutely must do the gyno thing. Give yourself a month to recover from the letro cycle. Just my opinion.

  3. Ok looks like if that's the case, I'll postpone the cycle. I'll do 2 weeks of PCT for letro with toremifene.
    If my standard protocol for PCT is 4 weeks at 120mg ( first 3 days.., then 90mg rest of week.)/90/60/30, what should my dosages be for the 2 week letro PCT??

  4. I don't know the toremifen dosing. I used nolva @ 20mg week 1 and 10mg week 2. A guess would be 60mg week 1 and 30mg week 2. But don't take my word for it. Maybe someone else will chime in. Take a ton of fish oil and other joint supps while you're on the letro. It absolutely killed my joints.

  5. Yup. I have msm, glucosamine, chonadrin ( sp? ) in one pill as a joint supp. As well as usplabs' super cissus.
    Would you think that doing the letro reversal at the end of my cycle then jumping into PCT be ok?

  6. It can be done on cycle. Read the article again. I just wouldn't. To me it's too much.


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