Sustanon 250?

  1. Question Sustanon 250?

    Sustanon 250 one injection every monday and thursday. i was told a PCT/estrogen blocker both would NOT be needed with sustanon? also at that amount would balding and or gyno be likely? what kinda of sides/gains should i expect?

    if a PCT or estrogen blocker would be needed what would you recommend and when?

  2. who ever told you pct wasnt needed is an idiot and you shouldnt listen to them again. You do need some nolva or clomid or both...sust is 4 esters of testosterone. Whether you go bald or get gyno really has to do with your genetic make up. What cycles have you done before this? You look like you need to do some more studying before you start sticking needles in your body

  3. Yes, start researching before you even think about a needle. My friend you will more than likely need an on cycle AI, you WILL NEED A PCT as well. You can avoid gyno with an on cycle AI, and you can avoid hairloss issues as well with certain drugs, shampoos. But never take advice from this guy again!

  4. Research research research.. use google.. use the forum search button.. You will learn so much..

  5. IF you want tits like my MUM then go with no pct



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