LG Trifecta Stack? Thoughts/opinions?

  1. LG Trifecta Stack? Thoughts/opinions?

    I wanted to get some opinons on this stack from anyone who has run a cycle. Thanks.

  2. Trifecta stack was my very first cycle. For many here it is way too weak, but for the very first time it works well IMO. My bench increased by 50lbs on the Trifecta stack.

  3. It would be my 1st as well, looks like a good choice. Can't beat 83.00 for the whole stack either.

  4. I ran trifecta for my first cycle. It was decent. I had read so many mixed reviews on it I wasnt sure what to expect, but it gave me some more intense workouts and helped to lean out a little bit. I thought it was worth it.

    By the way look around a little more and you can find it for much less than 83 bucks. There is one site that I usually order from that has it for $63 right now.

  5. For a first time user the placebo effect is what your going to get the most of... Not a bad choice to feel like your on a cycle for the first time...

  6. Yea the trifecta stack was my first cycle I liked the way it made me feel especially the masterdrol. and I gained around10 lbs.


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