I will start a Clen cycle at the end of this week. I have some t3 tabs available, so I am considering adding T3 into my cut if I can figure out the dosing and what oral to stack with it.

So here's my plan so far.

Clen, 2wks on, 1-2wks off, repeat
-I know 2on/2off is standard, but I am going to add Ketotifen, which reportedly will allow clen to be run up to 6 wks straight if the Ketotifen is dosed at 2mg. I plan to add Ketotifen at 1mg during the 2nd clen week overlapping into the off week a few days to keep the receptors upregulated

day 1-7 Clen only
day 8-14 Clen + 1mg Ketotifen
day 15-17 Ketotifen 2mg
day 18-21(or 18-28) - off (no access to ECA in Japan, Perhaps I will use Redline Hardcore)

Currently researching the following addition
T3 + Winstrol
I heard Winstrol is usually dosed 40-100mg/day, but if I'm taking it for a cut w/ T3 stack, should I lower this to 20mg? 30mg? I've seen so many variations of a T3 cycle, but I am looking at no more than 50mg dosages of T3. Most likely a 6wk T3 cycle tapering from 12.5 to a max of 50mcg, and then back down to 12.5. Also, if low-dosing Winstrol, are standard cycle cupport supps needed? or just milk thistle?

Another option is to cycle T3 at 25mg only on the off weeks. wo 2wks clen, 2wks t3 @ 25mcg tapered from 12.5 first 3 days and last 2 days.

It's really hard to do research on this, compared to all the other anabolics. I can find a million articles on MDrol cycling, but not much on T3...