MDien/M4OHN Cycle 3/4 Done--add 4AD?

  1. MDien/M4OHN Cycle 3/4 Done--add 4AD?

    I'm just about 4 weeks into my Mdien cycle (@8mgs ED), and about to add M4OHN for the last two weeks. (I've cut up like crazy on the MD, BTW).

    I am starting to really notice the test supression, both visibly below the belt, and in terms of aggression/motivation in the gym (much lower--and I hate this b/c I usually have very intense workouts naturally), and sex drive.

    Now, I know M4OHN will give me some natural stimulation from a CNS standpoint, but I'm considering adding 4AD to the mix for the last two weeks, just to get some freaking Test floating around...I hate walking around feeling like this.

    Is this pointless?

  2. I didn't think M4OHN (or 4AD for that matter) was supposed to be effective as a short (2 weeks) androgen. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I haven't seen anyone reporting any noticeable effects that would make using the M4OHN (or 4AD) all that beneficial. I guess it could be a cost v benefit type of thing, where if you can afford it and it doesn't really matter to you how much you use then what the hell. I just tend to think alot of people get caught up in the whole M1T works in 2 weeks thing and apply that to other substances that don't work like that (not saying you're one of those people, just a general observation) and end-up wasting what they do have.


  3. 4ad will not really do anything in terms of gains in 2 weeks, it takes 2-3 weeks to kick-in. It'd be a waste, IMO.
    M4OHN took about 10days to really kick in for me, I'm not sure if you'll get anything out of it in 2 weeks.

  4. Sledge told me to add the M4OHn for the last 3 weeks, so that's where I got that. I incorrectly posted 2 weeks above, sorry about that.

    I wouldn't be taking the 4AD for gains--more to counteract low test sides...isn't thant why you stack it with M1T? I realize I wouldn't be getting huge gains from the 4AD, that's fine, I'm cutting now anyhow. Just looking to maintain LBM while dropping BF.

    And people run 4AD for two weeks in M1T cycles all the time--is this pointless?

    Oh, and cost isn't the issue here...I have a sizable stock...the issue is the lack of test is driving me nuts, and I was thinking some 4AD might help.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Brodus

    And people run 4AD for two weeks in M1T cycles all the time--is this pointless?
    I thought the "smart" bros ran the 4AD for 4 or more weeks with something else and used M1T to jump start the cycle, or started M1T a week after starting the 4AD so that the second M1T week didn't suck as much.

    I think where you will see a lot of people running the 4AD for 2 weeks is where, they posted that they were going to run M1T and asked what to stack it with. Then, when people responded, "4AD" they never really gave thought/read up on 4AD and how long it takes to kick in.


  6. Yeah...I hear you--do you think it's pointless to use to help with side effects though? That's my real question--I'm not looking for gains. Just looking to get some free test circulating these last three weeks...I hate being supressed and not getting any exogenous test.


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