Is this correct? (1ad)

  1. Is this correct? (1ad)

    1-testosterone differs from testosterone in another way as well. Being a 5alpha-reduced androgen (a DHT derivative) it simply cannot aromatize to estrogens. The same goes for 1AD itself — no estrogen transformation can occur. This makes 1 AD unique compared to other pro hormones — all of which can either aromatize directly, convert to a product that aromatizes, or both. So what does this mean in the real world? It means that your chances of getting gynecomastia (bitch tits) from 1AD is essentially zero, and that water retention side effects are vastly reduced compared to other pro hormones. - The pumping station

    Is this correct? Big Cat's article says there isnt enough data for him to make accurate analyzations. How does that compare to the other PH's that are supposed to have low sides, like Nor-diol, or 1,4 andro?

    Also i read on some random post that people got more strenght gains with 1ad than size gains, so if im trying to cover up the fact that im takin ph's from my parents; like when i come visit from school, would this be a good choice?

  2. To young dont take prohormones til your 21

  3. There have been some reports of gyno symptoms from 1-test. You are either prone to gyno or you're not. If you're prone to it, any androgen could aggravate it. You have to note that all those Big Cat articles on PHs are several years old. There is much more recent info all over this board. The stickies have much of it.

    1-test will give both size & strength gains. You're worried about keeping gains to a minimum so parents don't catch on, that's no way to run a cycle. Go all out or don't go at all. As I said before, wait until you're old enough. get your stuff now before the ban & keep learning before you jump in.

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