Clenviscerate strength question

  1. Clenviscerate strength question

    Im thinking about trying to cut a little bit with a good carb cycle diet, exercise, and clenviscerate. Would a person need to be on the juice to keep their strength? Ive heard that if you dose it properly, you can avoid the systemic effect and any clen sides. Ill do any clen research that I have to, but from what I hear, it wouldn't even be neccasary if I dosed clenviscerate properly.

  2. I have cut with clenviscerate 2 times, once on CHO cycle and once on full blown keto, neither on aas. I never had systemic sides, even with two 100mcg applications daily. Fatloss was great and i didnt lose any strength at all.

  3. How did the results compare to good old diet and exercise alone. You really feel nothing from it?

  4. You can definitely keep strength without AAS. Its just easier with AAS, lol.
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