help with calories for my first cutting cycle

  1. Lightbulb help with calories for my first cutting cycle

    whats up guys,

    going to be running my first cutting cycle. Was always super lean before naturally so never needed to. Goal is to stay at ~190lbs but get down to 8%bf.

    cycle will be 7 weeks:

    epistane: 40/30/30/00/00
    hdrol: 00/50/75/75/75/75/75
    11 oxo: 400/500/600/600/300/200
    test prop: 250mg a week
    HCG: 250iu every week
    formestane: 5-10 pumps every day
    ECAs: 1 or 2 per day in the morning

    Basically just using up leftover Hdrol and epistane I have on top of an 11 oxo cut and then using some test prop and HCG cause I love the feeling of test.

    2 questions:

    1. How low can I go with my calories? I'm 5'8" ~190lbs and ~12%bf right now. How are you guys figuring out how much of a caloric deficit to run when on anabolics?

    2. Would adding some deca at the beginning cause any problems? I really like how deca makes my joints feel

  2. add equipoise not deca... its better on the joints and tendons and it makes u vascular as hell which is good for cutting... deca is def a bulking steroid.

  3. 15 cals per lb of body weight for cutting. Make sur Pro is high, eat the majority of the carbs Post WO & 1st thing AM.

    Both Deca and EQ will make you eat more. EQ will be better for cutting but your not really running a long enough cycle for EQ to really shine. It works much slower.

    As for Epi and Halo, run epi 40/30/30/0/0/0. 4wks on 2 methly PH's is rough so dose it higher for your 1st wk and get rid of it after wk 3. Mainly so you see some gains by the time the T and h drol take over. The Halo, Id go 6 wks on too, again slower and will show gains past day 20 really so going the extra wk will help.


  4. thanks guys, so since I'm 190lbs I'll keep my diet real clean at 2850 calories per day.

    I'll try and take 1-2 ECAs in the morning to hold my appetite down and try and get in 45 minutes of cardio a day on top of lifting 3-4 days a week with weights in the 10 rep range. I'm already going to be a grouchy mofo with my calories that low, DON'T need anything making me want to eat more than my already ridiculous appetite now! So I guess I'll just cut out the deca.

    made some adjustments to the cycle then, good idea on starting epi higher for less time.

  5. It looks better now. You may want to take it ez with the 5-10 pumps of form a day. Maybe a lil much

  6. 2850 sounds like a lot for an outright cut on anabolics, then again what you are planning isn't actually a cut but a recomp because you don't want your weight to change so perhaps 2850 is the perfect starting point.

    the cycle outline is fine, you can do a few shots of deca at the beginning but it won't do much, although I have heard of people doing this for short cycles just to get a little in their system for joints, I haven't used deca so I can't comment.
    But Epi/Hdrol is a good cutting combo and 11-oxo will help to make it even better. I like that you're doing 45 minutes of cardio 7x a week and lifting 3-4x a week, that's putting in the work and you should get great results.

    a recomp with a 4% bodyfat change is going to be tough but I don't see why you can't do it, i accomplished about the same last summer and what I was doing was really rather similar.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by soooslick View Post
    add equipoise not deca... its better on the joints and tendons and it makes u vascular as hell which is good for cutting... deca is def a bulking steroid.
    arnold cut on deca

    and NOTHING is as good on joints/tendons as deca, it actually promotes cartilage growth

  8. thanks guy, if I lose a pound or two then I'm still ok with that, this cycle will be judged more in the mirror than by the scale.

    I've been taking form for the last 3 weeks. I started at 5 pumps a day and worked up to 15 pumps and at 10 pumps this stuff is AWESOME. I'll for sure have to play with the dose to get what I want but so far Form is one of my favorite supps of all time. Really great stuff. My natural test is through the roof right now.

    I REALLY like deca, I swear that deca and a few IGF runs healed my shoulder up. I'll have to think about this more and do more research. I'm leaning more toward just taking 400-600mg the first two weeks though.

  9. Unreal,

    This is my first time trying anything really other than bulking so it should be a learning experience. What calorie range would you look for in an outright cut? I would think that with Hdrol/epi/11oxo/test/deca I should be able to go pretty deep into the caloric deficit zone without burning muscle?

    2850 was more than I was thinking too but any feed back and input is great.

  10. for an outright cut? like 2500 cals should be a good starting point and just watch the scale and adjust the cals from there. Yea you will have enough anabolics going that you shouldn't need to worry about losing muscle.
    When it comes to cals I will go by the scale, if your weight is staying constant then lower cals, if it drops too fast then add some back in, if you are losing weight but very slowly and it looks like you can't drop some bloaty weight then i'd cut out even more carbs... So i diet in a very reactive way.

    And, when you bulk you want to continually raise cals as you gain weight...with cutting I think it's a good idea to slowly drop your cals as you keep losing weight. Any variable that you hold static for too long, your body will adapt and won't change as much as it should be. Keep the variables changing, keep your body changing.
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  11. Use the Deca for your joints and injury's. It will really helpout there. As for your cals listen to Unreal

  12. thanks guys, that was what I was looking for. time to come off the formestane and get some blood work and then get started!

  13. Good luck man. Post up a link If your gonna log it. Id love to see how this goes!


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