Question about 11 oxo

  1. Question about 11 oxo

    I was reading about 11 oxo and noticed how alot of people said under 300 mg doses did not need any pct or needed only mild otc ptc... Is this the case even if you were to run 300mg for 8 weeks? or would the longer duration mean that you would need to use something a little stronger?And what are good OTC sollutions for pct besides 6 oxo? Thanks for any replies!

  2. Not even sure if that low of a dose is suppressive, all that will do is keep cortisol nice and low, I ran 450mg/day for 6 weeks during an epi pulse, did not "feel" shutdown at all

    Post this in the e-pharm section and maybe PA will give you his opinion, but mine would be at 300mg/day no pct needed

  3. Cool I appreciate it man. So by keeping cortisol low, 300 mg should be enough to assist with some fatloss while staying relativly mild on the system right? And also would tt33 be good to stack with it for the last 4 weeks to make the fatloss a little more effective? Ive heard so many mixed reviews on tt33.

  4. I couldn't tell you about tt33 but I hear good things. If money is not much of a concern you could run a mild pct after this, sometimes calorie deficits on their own can lower normal hormone levels slightly, like low carb and what not

    Now I am fairly certain PA in all his 11-oxo write ups said at 225mg/day it's not suppressive, but no hurt in asking him

  5. What would be a good substitute for 6 oxo for a mild pct? Ive heard that it is similer to novedex xt and that stuff just makes me feel like ****. Thanks again for your advice.

  6. How about Arom x? Anyone have any experience with that? would that be enough of a pct for 300 mg?

  7. Uhhh I would assume that since most people are saying no pct is neccessary at 300 mg, Arom x would probably be ok for pct

  8. I'm planning on running 450 for 6 weeks soon and will most likely run Sustain Alpha for PCT

  9. cool thanks everyone. What are your goals for this frost? Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  10. I just want to drop body fat, that's it really. When I am in a good routine I can put some nice muscle on so I am going to try and add oxo with the hopes that it helps knock off some BF. I have always had trouble leaning out my stomach so hopefully this helps.

    I may do 450 for four wks and up it for the last two if I feel fine. I want to avoid shutdown.

  11. Im hopin it helps with some fat loss too man. Well good luck and thanks for the help everyone.

  12. I'm planning a Havoc/11-sterone cut cycle, do you guys think 4 weeks of 225mg is fine? Just trying to cort suppress and lose some fat off the stomach. Looking at 4 weeks so 1 bottle of havoc and 1 bottle of sterone would work. It seems like 300mg is the benchmark for the low dose of 11oxo but i would think 225mg would do the "cut" job also.

  13. I think part of how it shuts you down has to do with when you take it. I bet you'd have less shut down if you had no/low amounts of 11 oxo in your blood at night time during sleep.

  14. The havoc by itself would probably do a decent job cutting if you were eating a little below maintenance. Adding the 11-sterone at low dose would do a good job suppressing cort but since you've already got the havoc in there why not taper down the havoc through your cycle and taper up the sterone til your last week, then last few days lower the dose again? You would probably need a pct for this as well. Also if you stacked in a decent estrogen blocker like formestane or erase or arimedex on cycle that would help keep you leaned out and dry.


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