First Cycle Done / Bridging Question

  1. First Cycle Done / Bridging Question

    I just finished week 12 of Test250 @600 per week.
    I was very impressed with my gains
    I went from 184lbs to 212lbs, and had to invest in a new closet of clothes!
    I am not wanting to loose much strength or size during my off cycle, and am looking for recomendations on any bridging supps.

    I am thinking of running S-4 for 8 weeks after my PCT, and I wasn't sure if it is safe to use Androhard from PP during this time or if it even has good results. Any feedback on it would be appreciated.

    My PCT consists of the Test recovery stack from PP and TCF - 1, along with clomid.

    Please respond with comments!

  2. Just use 50mg S4 ED for 6-8 weeks.
    Your PCT is gonna be great..

    I am gonna try 10mg dbol in the morning my next cycles PCT..

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Does anyone have any experience with Androhard from PP?
    Their site says it is being discontinued so if it is a good product and can be used during off Cycle I am interested in it.

  4. Its a dht prohormone..
    if you have s4, then you wont even notice the androhard

  5. OK thanks for the info, I'll save my money and just stick to the S-4.



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