Would Anyone Be Interested In a Trenazone Log?

  1. Would Anyone Be Interested In a Trenazone Log?

    Hey, I'm planning my next cycle, and this looks kinda promising to me. Most of my focuses are on strength training. Would there be a good following of this for me to consider logging?

  2. oh, and my current stats:

    Age: 22
    Weight: 225

    Bench: 385
    Squat: 515
    Deadlift: 485

  3. If you run it straight, would be best, interested in its potential, how many mgs per spray, how many sprays, etc.

  4. it would be about 5 or 6 weeks, solo, i believe 8 sprays = ml, which is supposedly equivalent to 75 mgs. so thats what i would do, maybe increase if need be, but i dont think i'd need to.

  5. What's your bf%?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by chocolatemilk View Post
    What's your bf%?
    not sure on that one, i dont have an accurate means of calculating.

  7. Estimate? I would be interested...

    Have you run the old tren to give a comparison?

  8. estimate would be probably between 15-20. no i have not, i missed out. which is why im interested in trying this now, esp because it is the active compound that the old stuff converted to.

  9. Well I'd follow... sure others would as well. There is definitely some interest in the product.

  10. ok cool. i figured i would guage interest before i do a bunch of work setting up a log, and no one follow.

  11. ...soooo, i DO have a log going on with this... but its not here. haha if youre over at PHF search for it!

  12. Yes a lot of people here want to see someone log this!!! Do it up!


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