Ph's and Crossfit

  1. Ph's and Crossfit

    I'm looking for opinions on the 2 combined. I know ph's are mainly for trying to bulk but would this be a way to maybe just build lean muscle with the right diet of course.
    I have a couple bottles of mdrol and superdrol liquavade laying around and was thinking of incorperating them into my new routine.

  2. i ran a ph while doing crossfit. only problem i ran into was lethargic and not wanting to go to class. i dont see why there would be a problem though

  3. How were your results and what Ph did u take? What dose?
    I was thinking running SD. 3 weeks at 10mg.

  4. i was doing crossfit mainly for endurance training for a new job. i did a low dose of epi just for muscle preservation. i think i was pulsing it at like 30mg 3xweek. do you do crossfit already?

  5. Read up some of the crossfit articles on

    Might change your mind about it a little and put things in perspective.

  6. I just started. I was going to robot for about a month then maybe start a small cycle with crossfit. The classes I do now involve alot of weights aswell not just really running and jumping around.

    I will def read up at t nation. Thanx for the info.

  7. I havn't ran it yet, but it seems like 11-spray from prototype would be a better option for what you are looking for.

  8. Yea I was think SD might be a little harsh. I just have so much of it lol.
    I was gonna do a low dose

  9. 5-10mg would be good as well.

  10. I love SD and I can see it working for this so long as you low dose it, but really I don't think SD is an ideal steroid for crossfit training.

    Really i don't think any steroid is all that necessary for crossfit. If i were doing crossfit, I would want my cycle to last 8 weeks and I'd be looking mainly for endurance. A light epi pulse sounds nice.

    Ostarine also sounds perfect for this situation

    Generally though I think you can get the support that you need from natural supplements.
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  11. if i was going to do crossfit it would be for a cutting cycle without spending my precious dollars on ph's.....but then again, i wouldnt do crossfit


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