6-weeks to bulk!

  1. 6-weeks to bulk!

    I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand. I was recently studying in China for the past 4 months and chose to do martial arts instead of lifting. And the food in China wasn't very nourishing for my body. At 5'8", I arrived in China at 165 lbs @ 9% and now I am at around about 158 lbs @ 9-10%.

    I'm looking to gain back and surpass my earlier weight. I will be in Thailand for no longer than 6-weeks and want to gain as much muscle mass as possible (I would like to stay lean if possible, but my priority is bulking). I have done a cycle of Anavar before, but that is the extent of my steroid usage. Being in Thailand, I'm pretty set on getting gear.

    I've been as heavy as 180 lb @ 12%, but my diet was absolutely horrible. I've looked into different kinds of steroids, but the cycle times of some is longer than I have. I'm going to Australia next and will not try to take any gear with me.

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. You ran anavar with no test base?
    Comic Sans makes me feel gangsta

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