Why I don't respone to synthetic T3?

  1. Why I don't respone to synthetic T3?

    At first I thought that my t3 was fake. I have eaten it and nothing happened. There was no increase in temperature or heart rate. I've eaten 300 ug at once and I am still alive so...

    But on my friends it worked perfectly. The temperature rise, the heart rate rise - for sure there was no fake

    I tried this with few friends and few T3 - uni-pharma, genesis
    Still the resultant was thy same...

    So here is the question : Why I don't response to the synthetic T3?
    Lack of enzyme or something? Please help.

  2. T3 doesn't increase your heart rate that much. And it might increase body temp by a degree, but not like DNP.
    It just directly increase metabolism and it has a half-life of 60 hours, so you can't just pop a bunch of it and expect to feel something.

    Have you taken it consecutively for several weeks as you're supposed to and still not seen anything?

  3. anybody who tries this **** have some effect
    now I am trying T4 and still nothing at all

    what is wrong with me?

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