Mohn+HGH, and stregth gains

  1. Mohn+HGH, and stregth gains

    So I am doing a cycle of mohn 16 gms a day (DS), and I am also adding HGH at 2 iu a day.I am not sure whats up with the strength, yesterday I benched 300lbs easy 2 times (I am 185lb, and 39, 5'4"),and went nuts on some of the machines I used, where a week before 275 was a strugle at 2, my squat is 315 for 12 reps no prob when I ussually do this the Mohn,or HGH, or both...I have also leaned up, and had more energy to do some cardio....I am ussually very good at being able to critique what up with me...but I don't get it

    don't get me wrong...this is a good thing

    .Live long and prosper.

  2. IMO in that short of a time some of that (not all) s just increased focus/intensity on your part the mind is the most powerful muscle in the body ya know. 4ohn is really good for strength but not that good. It will take a bit before you see any real benefit from the hgh. Sure make ya wonder though, I do the same thing but I know it's not possible really. That jump in 2 wks is crazy, but more power to ya (pun intended)

  3. Well I just started the m4ohn today so I am not sure as far as strength gains go but that really isn't to unrealistic cause when I was on m-1-t for the first time I had strength increases like that too.

  4. Yeah but thats a whole other animal

  5. This is true



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