Transform EPI

  1. Transform EPI

    Stuff legit or not?

    I have been on it for 3 weeks now at 90mg/ED and have noticed nothing. This isn't my first EPI cycle. I made great gains on Epi-strong. Well, at least what I consider for a PH.

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    90mg is pretty steep for that from my understanding. I ran Epi-Strong and had pretty solid progress at 60.
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  3. It's suppossed to be legit from what I have read
  4. SGTgreen
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    It's legit and it's also the same Epistane as Epi-Strong made in the same place. haha
    Not sure if your 2 post was to promote Epi-Strong but it's the same exact product.

    90mg's a day????

  5. yeah TRANSFORM stuff is good to go, nothing but positive feedback on their stuff so far, they dont get much exposure on these boards



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