Need something like FinaFlex Ripped

  1. Need something like FinaFlex Ripped

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking to start cutting again and I want something like the FinaFlex Ripped. When I took Ripped I saw great results but since it is no longer available I need to find a good replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good replacement for the Ripped?

  2. well first you would want to find tren (the 19 nor kind) and 1,4ADD. im pretty sure both are kinda hard to find. tren is getting harder and harder to find since it was banned and i have not seen many places selling 1,4 ADD either.

    good luck man. i doubt you will find another supplement with these exact 2 compounds in it.

  3. what was your pct with finaflex ripped? i emailed you too not sure if it sent lol thanks man

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