Test and Finaflex 550xd

  1. Test and Finaflex 550xd

    22yrs old
    First cycle: Deca
    Second: Test 250mg for 8 weeks

    I am currently taking Test E 250mg per week and I only have enough for four weeks, and before someone chimes in and says well thats stupid, you'll never see any gains and thats a waste, well to the contrary even with this little amount and short term cycle, I do see results and I do put on a good amount of weight, as well as stregnth gains, don't know how but it works even with this small amount.

    I am a college athlete and with that said its a lot easier to adapt to my weight gains in small amounts than putting on huge amounts at once. So your probably wondering why I am even using steroids, well its just seriosly hard for me to put on muscle, have a lean body frame but need strength in the sport I participate in.

    Anywho, My question is one, like I said I am on test E and on my last week and since it will only be four weeks on, I was wondering about taking finaflex 550xd as well for another four weeks or should I just end this "mini" cycle and due the finaflex another time? Any suggestions comments?

    Second, looked into PCT for finaflex but there isn't too much info out there, really could use some suggestions, never done a oral form so don't know how long to wait after the cycle and which would be better nova or clomid? and is 40/40/20/20 good.

    I am new to the website so im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place or if there is something already posted similar to this, didn't see anything, but that's not to say that there might be. All im saying is potentially...my bad

  2. How long have you been holding on to the 500xd for?

  3. 2 weeks prior to last jab start finaflex, run for 4 weeks n start pct

  4. Dereck just bought one of the last bottlers I guess...

    and thanks Geek,

    I am actually on my last week and gave my last shot last thursday, so was wondering if I shoudl just go ahead and start the finaflex well today

  5. The finaflex will require more pct than just nolva or clomid

    I'd grab some AI post cycle support, creatine, tribulus,d-aspartic acid, and maybe some dhea for cortisol control

  6. clomid is fine for pct, theres no reason to over complicate things. i assume fina flex is a PH

  7. I took novla, post cycle support and desiel test hardcore after I got done with my 500XD cycle. It seemed to work well for me. Oh, I also took fish oil, milk thistle and animal pack during and post cycle.

  8. yeah finaflex 550 xd is superdrol and 19nor tren. if i remember correctly it is 10mg sd and 25mg tren per pill.

    when i used it i had outrageous gains in the 4 weeks. 15 lbs of LEAAANNNN mass and insane strength gains. my bench went from 245ish to 305. pretty glad i didnt hurt my tendons from such rapid gains.

  9. thanks for all the suggestions really appreciate it cause like I said, I am not too familiar with orals. How long did you guys wait to start pct? and Should I run anything else with it other than things for my liver?


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