Clen with a bulk...specific question...

  1. Clen with a bulk...specific question... I know for most people, its not recommended to use clen while on a bulk, because the purpose is to eat more calories then youre metabolising...however...when I have used clen in the past, I stuck to a moderate diet (Wasnt cutting) and I noticed slightly increased muscle gain, and also a little bit of fat loss. So I believe the slight anabolic processes do work with me. I am about halfway through a tren/test bulk. I have gained 15 lbs, but am looking to burn a little fat along with it. Would it be wise to add the clen...or would I just be spinning my wheels?

    I have also heard it may help considering it speeds up protein synthesis (who knows how realistic this is). Or do you think it would be wiser just to wait till after pct to start the clen?

    Basically looking for someone who has used clen while on AAS before.

  2. use it during pct to help keep your gains.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    use it during pct to help keep your gains.

    I strongly disagree. I have tried this during pct when I knew a little less and it shot my gains all to hell eventhough my diet was reasonably spot-on. The fact remains that clenbuterol has never been proven to be anti-catabolic in humans, only lab rats. I say either use it on-cycle or after pct, I think that speeding up your metabolism immediatley after a cycle is a big mistake and your gains will go down the toilet.

    Just my .02

  4. I thought Clen was good PCT as long as you keep your overall calories high? Was thinking of doing this next winter.

  5. Like I said. I have had results in the past that were pretty damn good with clen. I didnt have a whole lot of fat loss because my calories were high...however, I lost a little bit of fat, and gained some muscle. So I do think that the anticatabolic effects worked with me. I may be wrong, but definitely didnt strip muscle.

    However, Post cycle I would be a little scared. I am up almost 20 pounds on this cycle, with a little over 5 weeks left to go. and I definitely want to keep most of it. I am even a little leary though about using it during my cycle. I am trying to put on as much mass as I am still a little leary about speeding up my metabolism.

    The only thing that is swaying me towards doing it is the supposed increased protein synthesis Ive heard of which can help gains. And also because my past experience with it did not strip any muscle, almost seemed to help me gain some with the high calories. So my question is mainly what you guys think about during the cycle? Do you really think the protein synthesis is increased, and do you think I will continue to gain as much while on it? Any research to support? Thanks guys.

  6. Clen for pct should be used in a very mild dose the first couple weeks of pct if one chooses, NOT at "full-on" dosages.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*


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