Clen, T3, and Keto questions...

  1. Clen, T3, and Keto questions...

    So... I'm now preparing my Clen cycle that I will start in mid-Jan, before I go back to my home country where it's not legal to have/use...

    I know the standard stack/cycle of 2 wks on, 2 wks off, with some benadryl dosed in the off-time to up-regulate the receptors which were downregulated by clen. Also, I know about using Taurine since clen depletes the liver of this amino, and prevents conversion of t4 into t3.

    Now... that info is for taking Clen by itself.

    My question is how do I dose Clen/T3/Ketotifen together?

    I've heard that Ketotifen is used to maintain/upregulate the receptors and will allow clen to be cycled for 4-6 wks w/o losing effectiveness. This also means a lower dosage (no need to ramp up dosage) of Clen since the receptors aren't down-regulated.

    I've read that T3 can be stacked with Clen, but I am not exactly sure what the effect is other than to replace the decreased amount of T3 (thus requiring taurine supplementation).

    Also, is this liver toxic, as in, should I maintain my milk thistle supplementation?

    This is what I will have available to me:

    Ketotifen 1mg (60)
    Clen 40mcg (100)
    T3 25mcg (50)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Anyone? there's got to be someone here that knows about cycling clen...

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