How long for T-1

  1. How long for T-1

    I am ordering two bottles of T-1, and I wa jsut wondering how long this stuff will stay effective witout freezing or refrig. I am going to be racieving it in about a wek and a half but I wont use it until arond 3 weeks after I get it, and I was wondering if I could use the second Bottle im getting in July or August? Do you think the second bottle will still be good after that long? m not soo much worried about the first bottle as Iam figureing it will probly last the exstra 3 weeks, Im worried abut the second. Any help is apprecdiated.


  2. Why not keep it cold?

  3. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Why not keep it cold?
    I was under the impression the PH would precipitate out if kept cold. Am I completely wrong on this one?

  4. Actually the only reason i cant keep it cold in the refrig. is because Im afraid the kids mightget ahold of it, my 4 year old gets into everything in there and that all I need is to come home and see a whole bottle of T-1 on his new art project . Do you think it will last around 2 months without refrigeration? My earlier post said around august but i was thinking of a 6 on 6 of cycle. I am doing a 4on2 off 4on cycle

  5. im bout to start a bottle of T-1 as soon im done with the superone+ i have left from my last cycle. I purchased the T-1 with another bottle late october i believe so it would be a solid 3 months after purchase after i use it. Im sure i will have to shake and heat the bottle a lot more than the first however i am not expecting any less from this cycle. dont frig the gel with ph in em. Just keep em in a cool place such as a closet. You will absolute no problem if you decide on the 6 on 6 off and start spraying the 2nd bottle in a month. Even August, i wouldnt expect a downfall of effectiveness (again, possibly more precipitation) BDC has said several time that there is no sure answer in the shelf life of the ph in gel.


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