Monster Cycle Starting Jan 3rd (dosing recommendations please)

  1. Monster Cycle Starting Jan 3rd (dosing recommendations please)

    K so here we go. I've officially decided to do this monster. Plan is 7 weeks

    - 3 Weeks Microdrol (Superdrol) dosed at 2ml twice a day the first 2 weeks and 3ml twice a day in week 3

    - Next 4 weeks will be a stack of x-tren and dermacrine

    - Support Supps will be cycle support and liver juice during super and cycle support and vitex during X-Tren and dermacrine.

    PCT: Clomid

    Still got a little bit before we start so I need some dosing advice on X-Tren and clomid for PCT. Any other suggestions are also appreciated.

  2. Run the dermacrine all the way through.
    Get p5p and ldopa and run all the way through.
    p5p and ldopa better than vitex and will give great sleep and crazy dreams.
    clomid: 50/50/50/50

    I would dose the tren at 90-120mg all the way through.
    PM me if you need any help.

  3. What would you dose the L-Dopa and P5P at?

  4. I might start a little x-tren the third week of SD as a bridge so the x-tren has some time to get working. I've stacked SD onto the last three weeks of an eight week x-tren run and got crazy results. I didn't have to go over 90mg of x-tren. No higher than 20mg of SD. PCT was clomid 100/50/50/25. Bloodwork was fine.

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