How much L-DOPA

  1. How much L-DOPA

    How much L-Dopa is recommended on cycle for prolactin control?

  2. Any advice fellas?

  3. Interested to hear this as well. Not sure I ever heard a standard recommendation for prolactin control. it can't be much higher than a standard daily dose.
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  4. I would go around 200-250mg a day, and no more.

  5. I am looking for the same information for my upcoming epi/tren cycle.
    200-250mg sounds reasonable.

    Although the supplement I have is 15% standardized and contains 60mg L-Dopa/cap and recommended use is 2-5 caps / day (120 - 300mg)

    Anyone else who have experimented with L-Dopa on cycle and like to share their dosage/feedback?

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  6. I used a lot in different form, capsule and bulk powder.
    Dosed from 100mg to 500mg 1 or 2 time per day.

    When I can't found it I use 200mg of B6.

  7. Ive used up to around 600 + (dont exactly remember)

    I spaced it out throughout the day though due to the short effect it has in the blood. I think i remember reading a study that showed its peaking for about 3 hours or so, then dropping off.

    It worked pretty well for me, And makes your body feel really good. I remember i got a massage, took all 600mg an hour before, and i think it was better than sex lol.
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