Masteron only

  1. Masteron only

    Hello everyone.

    Have you had any successes with Masteron only ?

    Can it be used alone or should there aleast be some test included ?
    My goal is to get lean for summer the 2011

    either I've going to running

    1 - 8 100 mg masteron eod


    1 - 8 100 mg masteron eod
    4 - 8 25 mg oxy ed


    1 - 8 100 mg masteron eod
    1 - 8 100 mg test p eod

    Come with some input thank you, perhaps you can come up with some entirely different kind of setups

  2. I have used a lot of masteron and it was exceptionally weak on me, really the only thing I noticed was increased muscular hardness, no gains of any kind or fat reduction.

    Keep in mind this is primarily an aesthetic drug, a precontest drug to get you looking harder and denser when you are 5% bodyfat and stepping on stage.

    At high bodyfat i honestly think it's next to useless.
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  3. Bump UnrealMachine

    Anabolic are best for building muscle and least amount of sides.

    1 - 8 150 mg Masteron eod
    1 - 8 150 mg Test p eod
    1 - 8 150 mg NPP eod

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