Preserving PH's?

  1. Preserving PH's?

    I have increased my stash of ph's recently and was looking for ways to preserve them. My friend gave me a food saver bag machine for free and i was thinking of storing all my ph's in the air tight bags. Anyone know if this is a good idea or bad? My thinking is its similar to food so it should increase there overall life.. Right now i keep them in a box in the basement. The basement has a dehumidifier so it is low humidity. Thoughts?........

  2. Vaccum sealing does extend the life. I hear storing them in the fridge and and freezer can help also.

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    ^^^This is what I've understood as well. There have actually been studies done (mostly on multivitamins that I'm aware) that show the product maintaining more integrity when stored in one of those places.

    I actually plan to get a deep freeze at some point just to keep all of my supps in.

    That's down the road, though
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  4. Put everything in a black or dark bag so it does not get exposed to light when u pull a steak or chicken out of the freezer. Keep all bottles sealed and try to get all the air out of a plastic bag than put them into a dark bag tuck them away in the back

  5. Ok cool guys thanks. I will vacuum seal them and then put them in the freezer. So then once your ready to use them the thawing process would not damage the gear? Since they went from room temp to frozen back to room temp?

  6. bump would also like to know


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