will my hormones go back to normal

  1. will my hormones go back to normal

    Hey like i posted before i took daa (propadrol ep) and after 5 days of use my right nipple was a little puffy, no hard lump under it, just puffy, my question is without using any other supps to make it go away will all my hormone levels go back to normal and the puffiness go away?? or do i have to take p5p and powerfull to make it go away?

    thanks for any help, so i can stop stressing over it.

  2. anyone? :/

  3. Case by case really. If you are gonna stay on cycle maybe throw in an AI. Something OTC could work but if not try some arimidex or nolva.

  4. It's going to be a long hard road... but over the course of the next two or three years you'll PROBABLY stabililize

  5. jk you should be fine lol

  6. i stopped after the 5th day, they rnt wicked puffy but my right one just is irritated. Did i even take enough to mess my hormones up that much? i have never done a ph ever

  7. If you don't take care of it, it will turn into a lump just like mine... take some Arimidex, Nolva hinders gains a lil so...

    Man don't be a Vageen !!! You should have known the side effects before you do it, so now that you done it finish it !!!

    Mod edit. Next time you're banned.

  8. panther u scared the **** out of me! lol ok you think it should go away :] its not gyno right :/ no hard lumps or anything

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ThER6KinG View Post
    panther u scared the **** out of me! lol ok you think it should go away :] its not gyno right :/ no hard lumps or anything
    puffines doesn't mean Gyno, it could be water... if it's itchy then ur starting to getting gyno

    Get some Nolva or Arimidex, if on cycle Arimidex, if ur off Nolva

  10. o ok thanks :]

  11. You will go back to normal, it may take a few months.

  12. a few months! i only took it for 5 days oooo man :/


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