hard nipples and gyno

  1. hard nipples and gyno

    Is hard nipples always a sign of gyno. I've started taking methy'd 3mgs a day. , and i noticed my nipples are staying hard. could 6-oxo stop this?

  2. Hard nips has nothing to with gyno, you would feel a lump. 6-oxo won't help even if it was gyno. Only nolva will help, I suggest you get some on hand in case.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by chessmaster
    Is hard nipples always a sign of gyno.
    Hell, I hope not, or I'd be in trouble everytime I have "play-time" with my wife. I know, I know...I'm a freak.

    Use the search function with the key word "gyno" and you'll find tons of info on it.

  4. Hard nipples are great. What you have to watch out for, is when your nipples get all soft and puffy. THAT's when the paranoid thoughts start.

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