tren/test e cycle

  1. tren/test e cycle

    just gave my friend some test and tren for a cycle he wants to run.
    I'm trying to explain to him that he should use dbol as a kickstart , but he not to convince cause he don't want bloat...
    this is his first tren cycle, but not the first test he ran...
    I recommended to him 500mg of test and 300mg tren weekly, but I think he will start low dose of tren.
    I think he should no knowing what side effects he can get..
    can anyone shed this light because I never ran a tren cycle and I rather for him to get some advice from the board...


  2. does no one want to answer this?
    I figure putting my 2cents someone can post something

    bump bump

  3. What type of tren?



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