SUPER TRENmendously EPIc cycle

  1. SUPER TRENmendously EPIc cycle

    alrighty fellas, so i have taken nearly 6 months off from my h-drol cycle which i loved. im plenty recovered and have decided to do one last hoorah of a cycle. i figure a lot of stuff is getting banned and what not, so i might as well just do one last BIG fun oral cycle.

    if you followed my halo log at all then this one should be fun too. lots of before and after pics. im currently at 198, hopefully going to get to 200 by mid january when i want to start.

    and before you ask why i seem to have jumped to such a ridiculous cycle after only doing h-drol, i actually took finaflex 550xd (superdrol / tren stack) wayyy back in january of last year. i was dumb (cant stress that enough lol) and didnt know what it was / just took it from a friend. i was stupid about it and lost all my gains, but now im smarter since i found this site. anywho, on to the cycle

    Here's what i have so far:
    1 bottle of m-drol (superdrol)
    1 bottle of tren (19 nor tren)
    1 bottle of epivar (epistane clone)
    4 pounds of Creatine (my own mix of Creatine ethyl ester, creatine mono, and dicreatine malate)
    cycle assist
    lots of whey protein

    The cycle
    m-drol: 20/20/20/0/0/0/0
    tren: 0/90/90/90/90/0/0
    Epi: 0/0/0/50/50/50/50
    taking creatine throughout
    p-5-p pills from start of tren to end of cycle

    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    more creatine

    as you can see, im planning on bridging the m-drol into the epi and have tren hold me over til the epi kicks in.

    so..... any suggestions? i know its kind of a long cycle at 7 weeks, but its what i wanna do. i have the nolva just in case but just plan on using the clomid. i wasnt sure what else i should add to PCT. i figure just keep it simple. unless there is a MUST HAVE product for pct. let's hear what you guys think!

  2. your going for a bulk?

    I'd get some taurine,caber,femara,fish oil.everything else looks decent but why such a heavy cycle? also do you have experience with each one of these compounds solo? also how old are u?

  3. with the exception of epi, yes i have experience with them. and yes, most definately a bulk. my reasoning is, i have seen quite a number of people do the SD/epi bridge to help keep and solidify gains, so i just thought the tren would help as well. also, its a moderate dose of tren from what i have seen some people do. ive seen quite a few people dose it at 120 mg for 6 weeks.

    also, im 22. please dont start with the "you are too young" thing. AT LEAST im not some 18 year old who is doing 30 mg of superdrol for 6 weeks with no pct. i think im being quite cautious as far as being prepared for side effects.

    oh thanks for the taurine suggestion! i totally forgot about that. gotta head back to the nutra planet website i suppose. is caber really neccessary? or is it just good to have in case sort of thing?

  4. anyone think this is too much? should i take out the tren and just do a superdrol/epi bridge? im open to suggestions

  5. I ran something similar

    mdrol: 20/20/20/30/0/0/0/0

    The gains were SICK no doubt, I was the best I've ever been. But they were HARD as HELL to keep. Probably due to extreme shutdown.

  6. im glad to see someone has done a simliar cycle! but not good to hear about the gains. i was hoping to hear that the epi and tren helped.

    anyone think hcg would be beneficial to use while on cycle to keep the ole boys workin so shutdown is not as prevalent? i see guys throwing hcg around a lot, and i know its nothing to take lightly.

    xpballer- did you keep any gains? i know i will lose some, its just the nature of the beast. but i dont want to lose ALL of it. i know keeping gains has to do with me though, my diet, workout, proper pct, etc.

  7. hcg would be beneficial

    250 iu 2x a week start to finish OF CYCLE NOT PCT

    or you could just run test as a base and keep pretty much all the gains you make
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  8. hCG is unconventional in these short cycles but I think it would be really beneficial in this case. Shutdown is going to be a bitch on this one... hCG + a bigger PCT.

    I would also change the Epi doses so it isn't so static.
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  9. Take the creatine out, and save it for PCT. That will put unnecessary strain on you already taxed kidneys. I'd save the Tren for another cycle, you should get sick gains from an SD/Epi cycle.

  10. yeah, i have been thinking heavily about not using the tren.

    i have heard mixed reviews about creatine while on cycle. some say do take it, it can only help. while others say just save it for PCT.

    if i were to take out the tren would hcg still be a good idea (while on cycle) i know its not for pct.

    as for a better pct, any suggestions? a natty test booster perhaps? i know an AI might not be a good idea cause i hear it can suppress estro too much and then you can get rebound from it.

    unreal - always a pleasure to see you add your info. so maybe start out with 36mg of epi for the first week? (i have epivar which has 18 mg caps) and then start the second week of epi at 54mg? i have just heard that the sweet spot is around 50 or so for most so i didnt wanna waste any time with underdosing.

    thanks so much for the suggestions so far guys! and i really might just do the sd/epi bridge instead of throwing in tren.

  11. 36/36/54/54

    ok having a lower dose the first two weeks because it's overlapping

    likewise with the tren i might go 60/90/90/120

    I've just kinda grown to liking the ramp up in dose
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  12. ahhh, touche'. much appreciated for that.

    i know it depends from person to person, but is it just too much / too reckless to be doing all 3 for one cycle? i know i would get amazing gains from sd/epi bridge, but im being greedy and just want MOAR!!! but seriously, im not dumb, and if a lot of you guys think this is just a bit too much and need to go more simple with the sd/epi only then let me know.

    i know sd/epi is nothing to scoff at. both are quite potent. like i said, this is why i joined here. to learn and get opinions.

  13. I'm along for the ride, whatever you decide!! I personally, would do the SD/Epi bridge and take out the Tren. You are already going to be shut down enough. And I cant see the Tren adding anything more to it, but others may have more info on that than me.

    Good luck with this man!! I enjoyed your other log, and I will follow this one for sure. My next cycle is a Beast/Epi bridge so I'll be checking in!

  14. thanks big guy. alrighty then, no tren for me lol. im sure i wont be disappointed though. that just gives me an excuse to use the tren for a summer cut/recomp. oohhhhhh snap. an epi/tren stack for the summer!

    i digress. sd/epi it is. i have been flip flopping back and forth on whether or not to use the tren.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Xpballer View Post
    I ran something similar

    mdrol: 20/20/20/30/0/0/0/0

    The gains were SICK no doubt, I was the best I've ever been. But they were HARD as HELL to keep. Probably due to extreme shutdown.
    thats hell of a nice stack right there

  16. If you can get hcg, keep the tren and commence as planned. Trust me, you will love it!!! I've never used hcg, but from what I've read, if I had used it on cycle it would have helped so much. By the end of the cycle my nuts were atrophied as fuuuck, although the clomid blew them back up In no time. The cycle was so sick though. I could pretty much lift whatever I felt like lifting, the strength didn't stop, it was stupid.

    A lot of my gains that I lost were do to the extreme shut-down no doubt, but if you have hcg don't let that scare you. The shut down wasn't the only contributer to my loss of gains. I got sinusitis (and it was bad) for the last 2 weeks - and when I was transitioning into pct. That alone lost me A LOT. When I seen how much I'd lost I lost focus and some motivation, and during pct that's a recipe for disaster.

    My pct was
    natty test booster
    Anadraulic state GT

  17. wow, thanks man. ill start looking for some hcg then. if i cant find any no worries cause i know the sd/epi cycle will still be sick. thanks for the info man!

    for my pct, should i throw in a natty test booster or it going to do any good at all?


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