1st Cycle Test E/Dbol Double Checking

  1. 1st Cycle Test E/Dbol Double Checking

    This will be my first time ever doing a Cycle and I wanted to make sure I had my ducks in a row so to speak. I have read up on this a lot, but still wanted to create a thread and get some feedback before I start a very serious cycle.

    First Cycle

    Test E (Week 1-12)
    500 mg/week.
    Dose is 250 mg/ml
    One pin on Tuesday, and Another pin on Thursday

    (Question: Should I Replace TEST E with Sustanon 250, I have been reading it is a safer way to go due to the lack of side effects it has, thoughts?)

    Danabol or D-Bol (Week 1-4)
    20 mg/day
    Dose is 10 mg Tabs.
    Take one in the morning and one in the evening

    Liquidex (Week 1-4)
    1 mg/day


    Liquidex (Weel 5-12)
    .5 mg/day



    Liquidex (Week 14-15)
    .25 mg/day
    .25 mg/EOD at (Week 16-17)

    200 mg/day (Week 14)
    100 mg/day (Week 15)
    50 mg/day (Week 16)
    25 mg/day (Week 17)
    25 mg/day (Week 18)

    40 mg/day (week 14-15)
    20 mg/day (week 16-18)

    Weight: 187 lbs
    Height: 6'1"
    Calorie Intake: Around 3000 - 3500
    Training: 4 years

    I know the risks in taking gear, so let me get that out of the way. If anyone has intelligent feedback of the cycle I intend to follow and how to better it and define it better that'd be awesome and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. how old are you?

    also pin on monday and thursday.use test e.I'd go 30 mg maybe 40mg of dbol a day.

    also you need to wait 2 weeks after your last injection before starting pct.seems you could get pretty huge without roids though if your 187 right now .then use this stuff when your around 220 or bigger.also I'd up your calories.I do a lean bulk on 3500 calories a day unless your the type that gains fat easy I'd up your food intake.

  3. Thank you Mich for the feedback,

    I'm 23 Years of age and have been this weight for a good year and a half. Staying a consistant diet and exercise schedule. I mean the weight fluxuates down and up but usually around 187. I took shakes for awhile but nothing, maybe its me, maybe it is not, but with how much I eat and exercise I just am not getting results.. So I decided to do a lot of research on this and got a lot of info. Decided this was the best beginner cycle to go on since I have never used steroids.

    I am not taking steroids either for vanity reasons, it is purely performance related.

    I will take it on Monday and Thursday, and will up my calorie intake to 3500. I have some AMP mass gainer, so it'll help when I can't get a hold of some quality foods.

    Thank you again, if any other suggestions please by all means don't hold back.

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