LIght headed after applying t1-pro

  1. LIght headed after applying t1-pro

    Not sure which forum to use but I felt light headed after applying T1-pro spray. I have low blood pressure just below normal. As the doctor said "for a guy your size that is suprising" (I am at 24% bf and very fat but down 6% from beginning of Sept.)

    I also noticed with the spray do it in a large room and spray away from your face. That stuff burns your eyes in a small room. ALso wash your hands very well after rubbing it in, don't touch your eyes. I am applying to bottom of forearms, inside and outside of upper arms and shoulders and traps.

    Just curious if anyone thought about the top of feet as there are lots of nice veins there.

  2. I think it may just be the fumes from the spray and chems in it thats making you light headed.

    The top of the feet...

    ...I think I heard that once and the guy ended up burning the tops of his feet or something when he tried that
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  3. The skin is thin at the top of your feet. Only apply once a day though as it can burn a bit... Yeh I spray holding my breath and exit the room breath and rub in... The fumes are bad... hope that helps.. talk to ya.

    PS make sure to keep a log in the cycle results section.. Talk to ya.
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  4. Oh yeh not to make fun or anything but at 24%bf you don't want ot spray on particularely fatty areas. Keep it on the thinner areas. Talk to ya
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  5. That is why I am applying to inside of arm and forearm. These are very veiny for me, my traps and delts do not have much fat on them comparatively as it is in my gut, ass and thighs.

  6. The top of my feet are not sensitive at all. The only places that I felt 'burns' on occasions would be back of neck, lower abs, and sometimes upper back. OTOH, I did accidentally touch my face after I washed my hands and that did burn big time.


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