Drawing Sterile Water With AAS

  1. Drawing Sterile Water With AAS

    Okay I feel like this is gonna be something that everybody knows, but somehow I've been left out of the loop and I'm gonna get laughed at. Here goes... You know how after you inject there's that little bit of oil left in the tip of the needle? It's not much, but over a whole cycle it would add up. Well I was thinking if you were to pull some sterile water into the syringe before pulling the oil, the oil should go to the top of the syringe (by the needle) and the water would stay on the bottom. So when you shoot all that would be left in the tip of the needle is the sterile water, and you would get 100% of the AAS that you drew out. Am I right, does anybody do this?

  2. yeah i was thinking about something like this too. Also when you switch needles after drawing from the vial you could loose some gear too, but in this case all you have to do is pull back untill there's air in the needle. Then when you switch just push all the air back out.

  3. I honestly would not worry about that last minute amount of oil but that is just me.

    you can also inject with an "air lock" and it should avoid an oil being left in the needle.

  4. What is this "air lock"?
  5. Cool

    An "airlock" is when you pull in a SMALL amount of air into the syringe before injecting.When you inject the air rise to the top and will stay there till all the liquid is out of the syringe.When you inject, you go down with the plunger till the air goes in the needle and then you stop.That way all the good stuff goes where it belongs!



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