Tren/Test Prop Dosage

  1. Tren/Test Prop Dosage

    This is my plan

    8 week cycle
    1-8 50mg Test Prop ED
    1-6 37.5mg Tren Ace ED
    PCT on hand

    First time using, used many prohormones before and had alot of gains. Im 24 6'4" 275. Any recomendations on dosage? or anything else

  2. I would inject 3 times a wk. M,W,F.. Test prop 200 and tren 75-100 on each of those 3 days. Make sure u have ancillaries on hand for the tren. It creates side for me @ 50mgs/EOD.. I would run 12 wks

  3. and then add epi in for another 4 wks for a total of 16wks. Personally I would continue the prop with the epi and drop the tren.. This should make for a nice run )

  4. Ok well definately dont listen to any of that advice....

    anyhow ED or EOD is perfect for pinning. Most people will tell you that it would be in your best interest to run the test without the tren for your first injectable cycle. You will likely see more gains than you think. Id drop the tren for future use and extend the length to 12wks and increase your test dose to at least 400-500 but id keep it there for your first run

  5. Lol.......

  6. 75mg test prop ed
    50mg tren ace ed

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  7. I am going into the 9th week of a 10 week cycle of the same stack. First 8 weeks I did 1cc of tren and 1cc of prop EOD. Dropping the tren for the last 2 weeks and just running the prop 1cc EOD. Got the results I was looking for. Stayed lean, dry, vascular. Put on about 13 pounds. Almost no side effects. This was my first cycle. I will run Clomid and Nolvadex post cycle. I hope this helps.

  8. I'm on day 16 everthings great up a few pounds, lost alot of BF quick, ED inj arnt so bad, I'd rather have the hassle of ED and have regular blood levels. Luquidex is doing great, nips got a little puffy but it got rid of that quickstyle. Muscles are insanely hard and dense. No other sides except I'm really lazy, but that could be the dieting. Love the feedback guys. Going with clomid for pct. Can't get any nolvadex

  9. 400-500 Ed?


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