thai 25

  1. thai 25

    i was wondering if anybody heard anything good about thai 25 from international underground. Its suppose to convert to dianabol. The label says its methanylondrione which after searching I could not find anything.

  2. I hope someone can find out something out about this compound, I know nothing about the chemical structure and the idea of a dianabol precursor is probably a no no. Still I'm interested in said "Thai 25." I think it is weird the company does not supply more information about it on the label.

  3. I heard now that it's just phera mixed with 4 estra (tren precurser), supposed to be 10 mgs phera and 35 tren but the label says "Methanylondrione 10 mgs" so that doesn't add up. Crap why doesn't anybody know anything about this? If it is a dianabol precurser I wonder how it compares to the real deal... All their product info has about it is a write-up of what dianabol does, which is already looking sketchy. Wasn't it Hi-tech pharmaceuticals and/or that sells crap labeled as steroids but it's just low dose DHEA? Same deal I assume. Not looking good.

  4. thai 25 is not really dianabol eventhough it is described as, the main ingrediant is called 7-keto,i have taken it and it does help,longer time in the gym,and more intense workouts,and yes you will find yourself using more weight or at least wanting to.research 7-keto to find more out on it,you can get it at any health food shop for half the price that you would pay for thai 25.i think they call it d-bol so they can charge a arm and a leg for other words i did not get what i paid for!

  5. thai 25 is certainly not 7-keto, i know the owner of the company underground labs and we havent been able to pry out of him what the active ingredient in thai 25 is, but my friend used it and added 50lbs to his bench in under 3 weeks. im sitting on a bottle right now and im going to use it in a few weeks, will keep everyone posted

  6. correction, international underground labs*

  7. I was looking at Thai-25 and then found this site. I did some other research and thought to myself, "I'm going to put on 15 lbs of muscle in a week?" Here's what my research has discovered. I'm not an expert on this subject but I'm no fool either. To maintain my weight of 175 lbs, 6 feet tall, I need to eat 2625 calories.

    First, the step in adding just ONE POUND of muscle I've read I need to add 1,000 to 3,500 calories to my daily diet. So let's pick a figure in the middle, 2,000 calories. That means that I must daily ingest 4,625 calories. Whoa!

    Next, I have to convert those calories to muscle, otherwise those calories will turn to fat and I'll gain a pound of fat each day. (Don't believe me? Go in the hospital for an operation and lay in bed for a week. Your daily maintenance requirements dip tremendously but they feed you calorie laden fluids and you check off these great items on your menu for tomorrow. You WILL come out of the hospital much heavier if you don't burn all those calories beyond your maintenance requirements.)

    So you've got 2,000 calories each day that you need to do something with. You can do aerobic exercises (a lot) and maintain your weight or reduce it by burning 2000+ calories. In this case you don't gain muscle, but you do maintain your weight.

    Or you can do anerobic exercises (weight lifting) to burn those calories. That's a really INTENSE daily workout to convert those calories to muscle (and there will be fat in that muscle.) REALLY INTENSE. You can even build more muscle by adding to that really intense workout and burn some of your maintenance calories, not only slimming down but building additional muscle tissues. You could also combine an aerobic/anerobic exercise daily to build muscle, endurance and reduce the amount of fat you produce.

    But that's a lot of calories to take in so you better make real sure all of your exercises add up to those extra calories. Otherwise you're adding fat.
    Do you need a supplement for that? Not really if you are focused. All I read is that Thai 25 makes you want to exercise more. That's a psychological doesn't motivate you. You're falling for the hype.

    There's one simple rule when it comes to this issue. If you eat more than you burn, you gain fat. The same is true in reverse. So you need to use those extra calories and you either slim down or maintain your weight or you make really sure that you convert all of those extra daily calories to muscle by INTENSE exercise. Otherwise, you're just going to get fat.

    There's only one way a supplement produces muscle and we all know what that is.

    If somebody thinks they can convince me otherwise, let me know.


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